Behind our caregivers, there are some very special people.

At Bee at Home, each of our patients is overseen by our 24-hour Care Management team. Our Care Managers have over 30 years of home healthcare experience, and we are dedicated to providing an uncompromising care program to our patients every day. 

Bee at Home's Care Management services incorporate diligent oversight, therapy training sessions, caregiver education, fall prevention, and on-site training to better support your return home, increasing your safety, mobility and personal independence. These services have made a dramatic difference in our patients' lives by reducing avoidable slips, falls, and hospital re-admissions. 

At Bee at Home, we believe better care begins at home, and how prepared you are to return home will make a difference in your health and continued recovery. That's where our Care Management program comes in, by taking an active role in your discharge process and providing ongoing care supervision for the duration of your services. 

Your Care Manager will:

  • Attend pre-discharge therapy training sessions
  • Provide a customized care plan
  • Assist in training your caregiver to your personal needs
  • Conduct ongoing safety assessments
  • Perform weekly supervisory visits at your home

Your Care Manger is with you every step of the way, from ongoing weekly supervisory visits to personalizing your care plan. We also meet with your Visiting Nurse team to support and coordinate those visits, ensuring you are prepared to receive the full benefits of this program.

And most importantly, your Care Manager is there to greet you on your doorstep when you arrive home.