Building preferred provider relationships with your home care service will enable your discharge planning team to save valuable time and feel confident that their patients will have the peace of mind they deserve when returning home.

Learn more about our care program by establishing a preferred provider relationship with Bee at Home. Why? So your patients can benefit from a cost-effective, live-in care program that has proven to decrease hospital re-admissions, aid in recovery, ensure medications are given correctly, and provide a one-on-one personal care program that is changing lives every day.

At Bee at Home, we take the worry out of the discharge process for your patients and ensure that families feel confident and prepared for their loved one’s return home.

We believe in home care, and we believe relationships are key to better care outcomes for patients returning home.

Refer a company you know and trust. Contact us today to schedule an introductory in-service with your discharge planning team and let your patients bring great care home.